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About Voobix

Voobix aims to organize the world's information in hierarchical categories and structured data, by using the power of volunteer editors across the globe. The data we produce is available under a free license.

Instead of using bulk texts, our community represents information using templates and tables, in order to avoid lexical confusion and to facilitate interpretation of our data by computer algorithms. We adopt an editorial model similar to the one being used in the Open Directory Project where most editors are specialized in a specific set of categories. We use this editorial model to organize information about a wide range of topics, including but not limited to actors, movies, books or medical diseases.

You can make a difference: Voobix needs your help. Sign up today by choosing a topic you know something about and then emailing a request for an account at apply AT voobix.org. Editing is fun and simple - we have a comprehensive set of online, browser-based tools for adding or editing information in seconds. Though your efforts in Voobix, you can help organize the world's information and then freely distribute it to people around the globe.

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